Thursday, September 30, 2010

Amazing Nail Art made by Marcus Levine

Orçamento, tattoo no pé

"Boa tarde, meu nome é Bianca tenho 22 anos e estava pesquisando na Internet alguns desenhos e valores de tattoo no pé, pois tenho interesse em fazer uma, vi num site uma tatoo e gostaria de saber em média quanto custaria uma tatuagem nesse estilo."


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Matt's Golden Silence

I met Matt one afternoon as he stood among the masses at the southwest corner of Madison Square Garden, waiting for a bus out of town.

This is his tattoo which he shared with us, covering his upper right arm:

The message is simple: silence is golden. I love how the side skulls spill off of the front skull, and how the teeth of the primary jaw are fused together.

Matt attributes this piece to "deep life experiences" and how it serves as a reminder to keep his head on straight.

He told me he's "been low and wants to stay higher" and that "keeping what I've done to myself has given me the ability to achieve what I have in life".

This tattoo was inked by Loki M. LaChapelle when he was at Kaleidoscope Tattoo & Art Gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Loki now works out of Mazel Custom Tattoo & Piercing in Everett, Massachusetts.

Thanks to Matt for sharing his tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

Orçamento, tattoo de coração no genital

"Estou querendo fazer uma destas três tatuagens, gostaria de saber se vocês fazem e por quanto fariam. Cerca de dois anos atrás, eu iria fazer, mas desanimei quando aumentaram o preço exponencialmente quando falei que queria e ainda quero no genital.

Gostaria de saber se vocês fazem e por quanto fica essa tatuagem no genital. Obrigado, aguardo retorno imediato, antes que eu perca a coragem de fazer novamente."



Orçamento da tattoo Fênix

"Bom dia Srs.

Estou muito interessada em fazer uma tatoo, é uma fênix que eu vi no site.
Eu gostaria que ela tivesse no máximo 12 cm isso é possível?
Em média qual o valor?"


Orçamento, dragão nas costas

"Gostaria do orçamento desta tattoo, formas de pagamento etc. No lugar das libélulas seriam sakuras e o dragão olhando para frente

Local: perna
Dimenção: 30 cm altura x 15 lcm argura
Obs: Tattoo colorida"


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Orçamento, Breathe Tattoo

eu quero fazer uma tatuagem como esta da foto, no pulso esquerdo, só que eu quero um pouco menor.
Tem como me informarem o preço?
Aguardo uma resposta.



Tattoo from a Francophile

Earlier this summer, I posted a couple of tattoos from Joe, seen here.

Needless to say, Joe became a fan, and updated me with a new tattoo, below:

Joe explains:

"The picture is fresh from the artist finishing it. It is "C077X" and is a nod to James Franco and General Hospital. He is my fav actor and I have been watching General Hospital for at least 21 years. It is the the tag that "Franco" sprayed on everything when he recently guest starred on GH as an artist/serial killer. His character's name is Franco, reflecting that art imitates life. A motto the actor and character believe, and so do I. That is why I got the tattoo. To prove art imitates life!"
Photo Credit: ABC via
The tattoo was inked by Rob at Brooklyn Ink. Rob originally appeared here as a contributor here. And is one of several artists that has represented Brooklyn Ink over the years on Tattoosday. This label links all of the work from the shop previously seen on Tattoosday.

Thanks to Joe for sharing his new tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

Monday, September 27, 2010

10 World's Craziest Festivals

Here we collect ten World's wackiest festivals details. Hope you like it and enjoy!

1. Tomatoes, potatoes, radishes and cheese - it may sound like the fixings for some exotic foreign dish, but each is actually the main ingredient for some of the weirdest and wackiest festivals (not to mention tourist attractions) in the world.

2. Potatoes
, not tomatoes, rule in another food-related festival held in August. About 15,000 gather in a small Minnesota town each year for Barnesville Potato Days, a weekend fest which includes such spud-centric fun as potato-peeling and potato-picking contests, potato sculpturing, potato sack races and a massive human 'mash' pit (above).

3. Orange
you glad he wore a helmet? A participant gets a face full of instant o.j. at the annual Battle of Oranges in Ivrea, Italy. Several teams in elaborate costumes compete by flinging oranges at each other, a custom said to have originated in 1266 when p.o.-ed peasants dissed a tyrannical feudal lord and his men by winging oranges at them.

4. It's all downhill from here at the Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake, a Gloucestershire, England, festival where participants risk life and limb to follow a wheel of cheese down a steep and bumpy hill. The rolling cheese can reach speeds up to 70 mph, and injuries are common in this event said to date from Roman times. But it's worth it considering the first prize - the winner gets to keep the cheese, if not his dignity.

5. Chasing cheese has spread to other shores - Canada now has its own version, albeit a little safer. Men in helmets (above) run after an elusive, 11-lb. wheel of c

6. Belly-floppin
' into mud pits is just some of the down n' dirty fun at the annual Summer Redneck games, held in East Dublin, Ga., as a way of celebrating, well, being a redneck. Other contests and events include bobbing for pigs' feet, throwing 'horseshoes' (toilet seat covers) and spitting watermelon seeds.

7. The Mid-Atlantic Hermit Crab Challenge in Virginia Beach, Va., is tailor-made for crabby people - owners of hermit crabs who enter their beloved pets in such competitions as 'beauty' contests and the Crustacean 500 (above), where hundreds of crabs race each other - very, very slowly - along an eight-foot track.

8. This annual Thai fest is more fun than a barrel of you-know-whats. At least it is for the thousands of monkeys who live in the Lopburi province near Bangkok and are offered a lavish feast of food, fruit and vegetables - washed down with soda pop - by local residents during the Monkey Festival in November. Feeding the critters is said to bring good luck - not to mention a heavy influx of curiosity-seeking tourists.

9. No, Night of the Radishes
is not a B-movie horror flick - it's an annual event held on Dec. 23 in Oaxaca, Mexico, that attracts thousands of revelers and dates from 1897. Known in Spanish as Noche de Rabanos, it's when the main plaza in town is turned over to clever sculptures made from huge radishes specially grown for the festival.

10. Spain has festivals centered on running with bulls and the tossing of tomatoes, so is it really a surprise that a festival in Castrillo de Murcia features... jumping over babies? During 'El Salto del Colacho' (Jump of the Devil) men in devil costumes take a flying leap over a mattress full of infants. The tradition dates from the 1620s and is meant to bless the babies. Providing the leapers don't misjudge their trajectories.

Rachel's Bird Helped Her Let Go

The same night I met Brian, I met Rachel, who has eight tattoos.

She shared this one with me:

This piece on her left biceps is based on the work of artist Kurt Halsey. This little bird appears in multiple works by the artist, but Rachel imagined it for her own personal situation. She got it after a break-up a couple of years ago, and the tattoo gave her the strength to "let the bird go". In this case, the bird represents the ended relationship and the tattoo is a transitional piece that helped her recover from the difficulty of moving past it.

From Memphis, Tennessee, Rachel had this inked at Underground Art Tattoos and Body Piercing by Chris Fitzgerald. Chris had been a piercer at the shop and then moved into tattooing. He has since left tattooing and moved to photography. His new business is Cult Noir Photography, and his work can be seen here.

Thanks to Rachel for sharing her tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Orçamento, tattoo alfabeto

estou querendo fazer uma nova tattoo, segue o desenho. Gostaria de saber mais ou menos o valor?
Sobre o tamanho, gostaria que fosse mais ou menos 20 cm.
Aguardo retorno."


Scariest Tattoos on Body

These tattoos are so strange, weird and scary, if in general we can call them tattoos

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